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Aadhaar – Tata Affirmative Action Programme

Tata Motors believes in creating an inclusive society and has instituted Affirmative Action (AA) under the brand called Aadhaar.

Tata Motors Affirmative Action (AA) programme, Aadhaar, is aimed at serving traditionally disadvantaged communities, such as Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST), with a focus on the 4E’s – Education, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Employment.

Aadhaar has been integrated with our CSR programme for improved efficiency and better reach. In addition to deploying forty percent of the CSR budget for the AA programme, we have developed synergetic inter-linkage among the AA focus areas. In lined with our philosophy of ‘More from less for More’, we have partnered with various state governments for skill development of SC/ST youth in automotive trades. Our dealers have been strategically involved with the LEAP programme which aims at training underprivileged youth as motor mechanics. The dealers pay stipend to the trainees as well as employ them once the training is successfully completed. Tata Motors has also tied up with project implementation partners to mobilise government schemes specifically designed to train youth in automotive trades.

In partnership with our group company Tata Communications, we are promoting higher education and have partnered with the IIT Bombay Alumni Association to establish a revolving fund for underprivileged engineering students. Apart from receiving financial support, these students are mentored by senior leaders of the two companies. Along similar lines, we have also established the Tata Samarth scholarship for students of institutes affiliated with the College of Engineering, Pune.

affirmative action programsTata Motors has been nurturing the talent of youth hailing from the SC/ST community.

The story in numbers

  • 2,54,306
    Essential Enablers, including COVID 19 releif
  • 38,169
  • 9,000

The Affirmative Action Policy enables positive discrimination for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) in case of Employment and Entrepreneurship and higher coverage in CSR programmes. The CSR Strategy clearly spells out a due share of 40% beneficiary coverage and budgetary allocation to AA communities. This sustainable growth initiative falls under the direct purview of the CSR committee of board and is championed by senior management across all plants.

More than 41% of the beneficiaries belong to the SC and ST category


Thrust Area Actual – FY19-20 AA in numbers AA %
Education 152558 42526 28%
Employability 26940 9909 37%
Health 399529 184109 46%
Rural development 3000 3000 100%
Total 582027 239544 41%

Inclusion in Employment

Our workforce constitutes 12% of the employees from SC and ST category. Since recruitment in the permanent workforce category was frozen, Tata Motors opened up its temporary employment basket for giving opportunity to SC/ST candidates. To enable such recruitments, Tata Motors relaxed the eligibility criterial, decentralised its recruitment process by conducting campus requirement in Tribal Industrial Training Institutes post identifying geographies that have high percentage of tribal population. As a result, the composition of SC/ST employees in temporary workforce stands at 21%

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